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Do not register your alarm if you received a letter from us. Please use the login credentials provided on the notice and login on the "My Account" page above.

Every residence or business operating an alarm system in the City of Colorado Springs must obtain an alarm permit. 

Your alarm company is required to register your alarm and process the annual permit fee:

$24.00 Business & Residential $12.00 Senior (65 and older)

Senior status applies to Residential permits only,  DOB  is required for senior status.

Please call 719-444-7824 or email the alarm unit  to verify that an alarm location has been registered.

Self monitored alarm systems do need to be registered by the alarm user, this can be done online here or registrations can be taken over the phone. Please select "Self  Monitored" for the alarm company.

Permits will be active in 3-5 business days after receipt of payment.

If you need assistance or would like to register over the phone please contact us at 719-444-7824.

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